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Most of the time we always hear about the complaints of many clients who have their technical documents translated by the translating agencies related to the fields of practical science, including pharmaceutical/ medical, constructional, automotive, legal, banking/financing, agriculture sectors, etc. They complain the translation agencies that cannot provide them with accurate and specific products of translation as they expected. This is because they do not come to the right agency, which can provide them with specific and accurate product of translation. Furthermore, large numbers of people are complaining about difficulties in seeking for translating and interpreting agencies to enable their effective and efficient communication with people using different languages.

Having seen such an aspect, Khmer World 1 Translation is established with its main purpose to substantially minimize barriers in cross-language communication where translation and interpreting are indispensably required.

Since inception, we often meet clients who bring us their translated documents done by other agencies for the purpose of editing, retranslating, proofreading or verifying.

Khmer World 1 Translation is a translating and interpreting agency in Cambodia which has been trusted by both national and international entities and clients. We do not work individually, but we work as a team with members from various specific specialties and sectors. All of our team members are full of experience and capacity in this field.

The core task of Khmer World 1 Translation is to offer the most competitive prices, the best quality target products and timely delivery of translated documents to clients.

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